est. in 1979

Here's a little story about our store
We've been here 30 years or more
We don't make you heavy
We don't make you small
We don't make you anything at all
Just a costume; a hat and a gun
A laugh or two; it's just for FUN!


Doc and Jes have owned the store for more than 40 years, and have been collecting vintage artifacts the entire time. Our costumes, hats, and props are original or authentic reproductions of the Victorian Era, Civil War, Roaring 20's, and the Old West. Become a character from the past at Olde Tyme Photography!
Should I bring my own clothes/accessories?
If you have some old time garments you’d like to show off, then yes! If not, no worries. We have everything you’ll need!
Can I make an appointment?
We can make a reservation for larger groups with a non-refundable down payment of the sitting fee ($10 a person). All other groups we take on a walk-in basis. We can take larger groups as walk-ins if you arrive at least an hour and a half before close. We stop taking smaller groups half an hour before close. During the busy season we may need to put you on our waiting list and call you when your group is up. 
Can you service large groups?
We have photographed groups of 20+ before! Groups that size are usually a very tight fir in our studio, but we can do it. If your group consists of 7 or more people, we ask that you arrive before 3:00 PM, and that men either wear black pants or jeans. Large group sessions usually take at least an hour if not more, so leave yourself plenty of time. In addition to your sitting fee, we also require a minimum purchase of prints for larger groups; $60 for groups 7-9, $100 for groups 10-14, and $150 for groups of 15 or more.  
Do you have my size?
Yes we do! In almost every style, we have costumes sized for babies up to plus size adults. Our costumes are open back and are tailored with ties, so they will fit most men and women. Always feel free to call us and we can address any concerns. 
Can I bring my dog?
Yes! We love dogs! However, dogs don’t always love our camera flash. Bring in your dog’s favorite treat and we will do our best to help them feel relaxed and happy. If they are too skittish though, be prepared take some photos without them. 
Does my baby count as a person?
Yes; each baby counts as one(1) person under our pricing menu.
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